We believe in well-being without subscription, or a laboured daily visit to the gym. To us fitness and well-being is a state of mind brought on by key behavioural patterns. We see an open field on a windy day as a playground, a children’s play park as a resistance training toolbox and a living room as ready staged workout station. | More



I’m Matt Underwood and X-PT was my concept, my dream, my way of life.You see I didn’t want to be another fitness professional offering the quickest results at the lowest price. Reason being is that myself and partner, Susan, who helps and supports in the running of our health and fitness philosophy, have a genuine desire to help people. | More



Angela McDowell – Hebburn“I found Matt using a website search after getting on the scales one day and realizing I was not a kick in the arse off being 17stone (and at 5ft 2”, that’s not a good look) and something had to change. I came across a few different personal trainers and I knew I needed someone who could work with me at home as I have a little one to look after on my days off work and to be honest I didn’t want to be seen outside exercising (oh how things change!) So after deciding that X-PT looked all right I did what every tech savvy woman does these days and stalked X-PT on Facebook. | More

X-PT (ex-pee-tee)

1. To exceed, excel, exert or exertion, x-train, an example

X-PT adv.

1. To have adopted and embraced a life changing experience

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