Winter 3 Month Programme 2019

The Bootcamp Without Boundaries

For those wise enough to get on the health and fitness trail prior to the mad springtime panic there is no better environment than X-PT Outdoor Bootcamp. The ‘go to’ outdoor fitness centre to torch unwanted body fat, building a lean toned body whilst enhancing your fitness and energy levels within an unrivalled supportive team.

The Beauty of It

X-PT Outdoor Bootcamp really is for everyone and that’s not a marketing ploy to get people through the gate (you noticed we don’t use door, we play outside)

Our sessions and indeed whole programme are created in a way whereby everything can be scaled up or down dependant on personal ability. However, we manage this whilst still ensuring everybody is involved collectively. Whether you are puffed out after a 20 metre jog or can push out 100 press ups in 1 minute we promise our sessions will cater to your needs. We believe in total fitness training and all the different components and techniques required in achieving this. We are always looking for new and stimulating stuff to work with whilst adopting that ‘kid in the playground’ mind-set. You know the one where you actually enjoyed playing outside with friends and considered exercise to fun.

What to Expect

We run, we lift, we throw, we jump, and we carry, hop and skip. We work in teams, partners, groups and individually. We do circuits, High Intensity Training, hills and steps, strength and endurance training, ball games, team sports and various ‘off the cuff’ challenges!

With X-PT you will monitored in a variety of ways so both you and your instructor can identify and applaud your progress. Every 6-8 weeks you will take part in a full fitness assessment which in turn will generate your fitness score. Your fitness score is your benchmark and is used to ensure your training sessions are appropriate to you.

You will also be measured and weighed every 6-8 weeks (or in accordance with your own goals) to ensure you are on track to hitting your targets.

Our Mind-set/Our Environment

As the title suggests this is outdoor training and we work outdoors all year round. We train in the rain, snow, hail and wind, on frozen or boggy ground.

We also train in the sunshine!

We toss tyres, pull ropes as well as lifting and carry sandbags amongst other things

If you value your manicured nails or have a tendency to try and make yourself presentable prior to training this programme is not for you. If however, you thrive on team spirit, enjoy the uncertainty of each class and want to learn how to utilise the great outdoors then this could be the start of something special.


Please fill out the PARQ form and bring it to the session with you, alternatively you can mail it back to us at info@x-pt.co.uk verifying when you wish to attend.

Remember your first session is always completely FREE but due to restricted numbers we insist on pre booking to avoid disappointment. This can be done via any of our media resources, through the contact section of the website or once again through email. All new starters should arrive 15 minutes prior to the session start. All of our evening sessions last approximately 1 hour whilst our morning sessions last 45 minutes.

Facebook www.facebook.com/XPT2exceed

It is also strongly advised that you also join the open Facebook group ‘X-PT Outdoor Bootcamp’ as this offers real time information regarding any changes to session times or locations etc.


Number of sessions Total cost Cost per session Discount applied
1 (PAYG) £5.00 £5.00 1st session is free
Monthly rolling £35.00 per month   Unlimited sessions

Find us

We are currently using 2 locations for Bootcamp in the Consett & Blackhill Area. The 1st being Consett & Blackhill Park (normally meeting at the Bandstand) and the 2nd being the football pitch sitting to the immediate west of the old Blackfyne School. We ask that clients park on the main road and not the cut between the houses when we are training at Blackfyne.

Blackhill & Consett Park

Blackfyne Pitch