At X-PT we are revolutionising the way in which we tackle what is becoming a global epidemic. High body fat which is directly related to obesity is growing at an alarming rate worldwide. We have spent months vigorously researching and can now present our proven programme which compliments safe body fat reduction, improves fitness and physical appearance as well as instilling a heal thy knowledge of maintenance.

Scientifically it has been proven that reducing your body fat level by as little as 5% can provide a multitude of health benefits such as:

  • Reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes
  • Lengthen life expectancy
  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Improve sleep
  • Reduce aches and pains
  • Improve mobility
  • Reduce the risk of certain cancers

Equally as important is the sense of well-being that can be achieved. A rejuvenated mind and body can work wonders in any walk of life. Being able to look in the mirror and be as euphoric as you were after a successful training session is a priceless experience!

Our `Body Fat Reduction Programme’ has been designed in a way which ensures the programme is tailored specifically to you, our client. We use a formula which takes into account your body composition, nutritional habits and current activity levels. These variables are then processed to create a truly bespoke plan.

At X-PT we see fitness and wellbeing as a lifelong commitment. It doesn’t have to be gruelling and the vast majority should be enjoyable and rewarding. We want you to invest your effort and determination into yourself and your trust into
X-PT who in turn will deliver and manage the start of your life enhancing experience.

“This in essence is a journey, X-PT want to be there to help you initiate the kick start as well as embedding the knowledge and behavioural strength to continue in creating a fitter and healthier you”
BFR6 – Course Components

  • Initial assessment – We establish your goals, tackle any barriers and generally get to know one another. This determines how we are going to work dynamically as a team and is also your opportunity to ask any questions pre programme.
  • Food diary report – You will be asked to complete a 7 day food diary which when completed will be submitted to our nutritionist who will analyse and then produce your personal report.
    Health and Fitness Assessment – This will take about an hour and is the start point for your fat loss journey. We carry out various health tests including heart rate, blood pressure, body fat percentage, peak flow and lean body mass. You will be measured at this point and photographs will also be taken. We will then conduct a few basic fitness tests which will provide information used in ensuring we mould your exercise programme uniquely to you. These short assessments will cover strength, power, flexibility, muscular endurance, aerobic/anaerobic capacity and agility.
  • Nutritional plan – You will receive full comprehensive nutritional support throughout the 6 week programme. Your plan will be presented in way that encourages changes in diet whilst monitoring the effects it has on your body and well-being. During this time our specialist will be able to ident ify what foods will damage your progress as well researching possible food allergies you may not have been aware of beforehand. Please note you will be expected to maintain a calorie controlled diet throughout the programme. You will give a range of fantastic recipes to incorporate into your healthy lifestyle.
  • Nutrition Education Pack – Throughout the course you will be expected to complete various pieces of paperwork as well as a detailed food diary. You will be presented 6 weekly modules associated with a dopting a healthy eating lifestyle, understanding food and adopting a healthy eating mind-set. This method of training ensures both yourself and your X-PT support team can monitor your progress. It also acts as a lifelong training aid, something you can always use to help in your health journey.
  • Fitness Programme – You will receive your fitness programme which based on your assessments will include the correct ratios and intensity of exercise to achieve your target. The exercise will be progressive and always achievable taking into account your current activity level.
  • 12 x 1to1 Personal Training Sessions – Between yourself and your trainer you will agree the best times and days to carry out your 2 sessions per week. The sessions will be varied in a way which will maximize your overall objective. Dependant on your preferences they could be at your home, our facility or outdoors.
  • End of Course Assessment – Similar to the pre course assessment we will carry out the same physical tests to analyse and applaud your results. You will receive your certificate in recognition of your efforts and commitment. Completion of the course instantly validates our aftercare policy which offers discounted services for the remainder of your time with X-PT.
  • 24 Hour Support – We acknowledge that there are times when things might be hard, something might pop up that knocks you out of sync or there may be times where you feel vulnerable and need some advice. We are always only a phone call or email away. Our support doesn’t stop the minute our session winds down and as such can be contactable day or night.
  • Food and Non-Food Intolerance Report – As an optional extra we can run a full diagnostic food and non-food tolerance report. This test will analyse you for up to 600 food and non-food items. Please ask for details.

Total all inclusive cost of course £650.00