X-PT New Year Team Orienteering Charity Challenge- January 4th 2015

We are very pleased to announce the launch of our annual orienteering challenge!

As many of you will already know we are fundraising for The Charlie Cookson Foundation next year. This event as well as our 3 Peaks Challenge presents the ideal opportunity to raise some much needed funds for this fantastic local charity.
As many of our existing bootcampers will testify orienteering based challenges offer a fantastic opportunity for small groups of friends or family members to work as a team in a fun but competition based environment.
Our challenge is open to everyone, regardless of fitness level or age although due to safety we must insist that anyone under the age of 17 is accompanied by an adult. Whether you decide to walk, run, bring the dog, it promises to be a great day out.

How it works

Orienteering is based on navigating around a designated area using a map and at times compass. We would encourage the use of a compass although it’s not imperative. The area for our event is both urbanised and rural. Team will start and finish at a designated point for the competition with teams leaving at 2 minute intervals. Each team will be required to ‘check in’ to a series of pre- determined control points on the map, the route in which the team takes is entirely up to them as long as they stick to the paths and close gates when required.
Some or all of the control points will be manned and teams can expect to complete a designated task or exercise prior to moving on around the course.
The winning team is the team who can successfully complete the course and challenges in the quickest time
Prizes for the day will be awarded for the 1st and 2nd team back as well as well as a special prize based on team performance relating to team average age.
The prizes range from X-PT t-shirts and hoodies to free bootcamp and personal training vouchers.


Teams MUST book in to the competition staff at 09:30am prompt on the day of the event. The start point is at a different location so timekeeping is vital.
All entrants are required to complete a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire/ Disclaimer prior to taking part. This document is downloadable on the link at the bottom of this page and it’s recommended you complete and sign this form fully prior to attending to save time.
In order to complete the course every team member must complete the course and are required to check in and complete every control point.
Team must be between 2 -5 members
All ages are permissible but anyone under the age of 17 must be accompanied by an adult
Mandatory equipment per team (1 per team minimum) - whistle, Hi-Viz vest or jacket, mobile phone, fluids for drinking.
There is no time limit to complete the event although due to safety the last team must return to the start/finish before nightfall.
There are no refunds available once payment has been made unless the event is postponed or cancelled.


There are inherent risks when orienteering and the following should all be cautiously considered prior to entry. Also remembering all specific hazards associated with living in this area in early January.


• Uneven surfaces
• Slopes/steps
• Slippery surfaces
• Tree roots/branches
• Vegetation (prickly, stinging)
• Wire / ruined fences
• Walls to be climbed
• Litter (glass, used needles)
• Water (streams, rivers, ponds)
• Cliffs / crags
• Traffic (including road crossings)
• Rail / tram lines
• Mineshafts / caves


• Cold / heat
• Rain / snow / hail
• Excessive wind
• Lightning

It is highly recommended that walking boots or trail trainers are worn for the event. The ground underfoot could be frozen or very heavy and in either situation standard trainers won’t be suitable. We also recommend you provision for cold and wet weather, even the runners amongst you will soon get cold if for whatever reason you are required to stop for a period of time.

As stated in ‘The Rules’ the equipment required is mandatory and each team must carry at least 1 of each item.

We will provide the maps for the event. You will be required to provide your own compass should you wish to use one

There is always a risk of bad weather disrupting outdoor events in the winter. If necessary there will be an early morning inspection of the course on the day where it will be judged whether the event is safe to go ahead. All entrants will be notified immediately should the event need to be postponed or cancelled.

Booking Your Team

• Cost per team advanced booking- £10.00
• Cost per team on the day- £12.50

As of now we are reserving places and taking payments for this event. We are in the process of setting up our PayPal account which should make payment hassle free. We fully expect this to be up and running in the next week or so.

We do also accept bank transfer and cash payment should that be more convenient for you.

We fully expect this to be a popular event so urge you to book sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment.

Please contact myself by any of the following means and we can get your team booked in straight away.

Tel- 07871 638766
Email: matt@x-pt.co.uk
Facebook: XPT2exceed

Check out our other fundraising activity at www.justgiving.com/X-PT3PeaksChallenge

Visit The Charlie Cookson Foundation and see the invaluable work they do at www.charliecookson.co.uk

Download the PARQ and Disclaimer Form

Download the Promo Flyer

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