‘X-PT Outdoor Bootcamp complete Total Warrior 2014’

In January of this year we as a bootcamp collective committed ourselves to completing the Total Warrior Obstacle Course held annually at the Lake District in early August. After passing a vote we also decided that we would like to make this our sponsored annual event with all proceeds going to Willowburn Hospice. The Hospice desperately requires 2.2 million pounds in order to start the vital stage 2 development of the building.

As well as our bootcamp training through the week we decided to embark on a specific mud run training programme on a Sunday afternoon. This was January so you can imagine the state we were returning home in after leopard crawling under camouflage nets and dragging sandbags around Crookhall field. I can still recall the photos of our clients mud swilled washing machines being uploaded onto our facebook page on a cold Sunday evening. All in all this cemented our team structure, we were in it together and we would complete this challenge as a complete unit.

In musketeer fashion- ‘all for 1 and 1 for all!’

We put the hard work in during the winter so that come that summers day in early august all challenges presented to us at Total Warrior would be a breeze in comparison to our Sunday tyre dragging.

Or so we thought…

When we arrived at Shap Abbey near Penrith it had already been raining for several hours and thousands had braved and completed the course prior to us even starting. It’s safe to say we knew the course would be even more boggy and arduous than we first thought, non the less we were ready! Just under 3 hours later X-PT Outdoor Bootcamp completed Total Warrior 2014. Bashed, bruised, caked in mud, some minus items of clothing (and dignity) we all crossed the finish line to a welcome beer and team photo. There was so many tales to discuss and laugh over; 2 of us having to be saved from the ‘bog of eternal stench’, a particular wardrobe malfunction which involved the transfer of clothing, several falls not to mention the worrying expressions caught on camera when approaching the challenging obstacles.

All in all it was agreed by everyone to be a fantastic day and above all a massive achievement. We all committed to the event and the training and we all completed it as a team.

One of our Bootcampers Helen wrote-

‘I always wanted to do something like the Total Warrior, never thought I'd get the chance especially at my age. At X-PT Outdoor Bootcamp there are no age barriers, just the ones in your head.

Great team, great fun and great results.’

Well after all the euphoria the last thing to do was count up all of our hard earned pennies and hand the total over to Willowburn Hospice. We visited Willowburn on Friday Nov 14th and were greeted by some very appreciative staff that guided us around the facility, showing us where previous funds had been spent and what our donation was contributing towards.

I’m very proud to announce that the X-PT team raised £1418.00 for Willowburn Hospice! A huge thanks to all that took part and everyone who sponsored our fitness journey.

This year the training has already started in preparation for The National 3 Peaks Challenge in June 2015. All proceeds going to the Charlie Cookson Foundation, another North East charity carrying out invaluable work in the region.

Local Outdoor Fitness Group Takes On "Mud Run for Willowburn"

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Local outdoor fitness group takes on Mud Run for Willowburn - See more at: