Don’t Wait to lose weight

It's that time again and we are looking for our next team of committed individuals who are ready to lose 20lbs or more within only 6 weeks of group training with X-PT 6 Week Weight Loss Challenge.

For those who are successful in our transformation challenge we offer the whole life changing experience for FREE!

"75% of our 2016 participants received the whole 6 week plan for FREE and averaged between them a fantastic 23.5lbs (1.7 stone) in weight-loss!"

So, to ensure we completely understand one another please answer the following questions. If any or indeed all apply to you then we want to hear from you today.

Are you completely fed up with fad and liquid diets?

Perhaps you are bored and demotivated by the home fitness videos you dabbled with for a few weeks? 

Do you need something to keep you excited and on your toes? 

Are you ready to make that change, once and for all, but just don’t know where to start?


Our programme is intensive (it’s got to be as we cram it into 6 weeks), it’s rewarding and most importantly it’s actually enjoyable! We train as a group outdoors all year round so if you don’t already then you will learn to love the great outdoors and what it presents as a natural environment for a healthy body and mind.

Is X-PT 6 WeeK Weight Loss Challenge Suitable for Me?

Our 6-week challenge (6WWLC for short) is an opportunity for anyone to get their health and fitness back on track. Whether you played semi-professional football in your twenties or maybe you haven't even contemplated exercise since gym class in school, our programme is going to work for you due to the specific way it has been created.

Are you ready to become stronger, faster and of course LEANER?

All We Ask is That You Give it Your All!

You will be given your own diet plan which you can adjust and tailor to suite your exact goals. This will be specific to you and we will provide all the software to ensure you can stay focused on your healthy eating whilst at home or on the move.

In the past it’s been all too easy to shove a generic diet plan under a group of clients noses and expect them to stick to it whilst all getting fantastic results. We all know this is impossible as everyone is different. We are all different ages, have varied backgrounds and no two people have the same lifestyle. Therefore, expecting everyone to follow one plan is unrealistic and misleading. As I mentioned before, your plan is bespoke to you, professionally assembled by the leading sports and health nutritionists in the business.

This is how seriously we take our nutrition at X-PT!

Ever heard of the 80/20 ratio when it comes to weight loss?

Well, in a nutshell the 80 equates to 80 percent. 80 percent of a successful weight loss plan is based on good diet and the other 20 percent is based on healthy activity to improve your overall fitness and wellbeing. This statistic alone highlights the importance of eating healthily.

It’s not just a saying ‘You cannot out-train a bad diet’, it’s our mantra and with our 6WWLC you will be equipped to smash through any previous barriers you had succumbed to.

The Undeniable Facts

We have put all the tools in place for you to succeed but the main ingredient crucial to your success is you! If you can give it your all at every fitness class, follow and enjoy your carefully designed diet plan, whilst making the most of the support you will receive on a daily basis from your trainer and fellow team members you will be one of our 6WWLC champions!

Yes, We Are a Team!

Throughout your 6 weeks you will receive limitless supplies of support and guidance. You can expect to train with people who have previously completed the challenge. Who better to get advice from, right? The support from your trainer is unconditional and is readily available 24 hours a day, that includes weekends.

Training Requirements

We offer 12 opportunities to train with the team Monday through to Friday. As a minimum requirement its vital that you can attend at least 3 classes per week

Our New Training Timetable


Our first intake of 2017 is on Friday 9th January.

The Friday represents the initial weigh-in where your stats will be recorded and your nutritional plan will be issued. The training programme commences the following Monday.

We only have 20 available places per programme and to be sure we can work as a team we speak to everyone on a 1 to 1 basis prior to your place being confirmed. We certainly want to get to know you and what makes you tick, I’m sure you want to know more about us too…

Again, we are only looking for focused and committed individuals ready to make a positive change today. We are effectively offering this programme for FREE so your success is our success!

Still Undecided?

Well click here to see what our team have to say

If this is your time and you do want to lose 20lbs of unwanted body mass FOR ABSOLUTELY FREE then submit your details today using the box below.

Please note an upfront payment of £199.99 (£149.99 if booked before Christmas 2016) is required to secure your place on the programme. However, should you lose 20lbs or more by the end of the 6 weeks we reimburse your deposit in full.

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‘I’m Interested in Losing 20lbs For Free’

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