Listen to what our clients have to say….

Colin Smith- Newlands

I have been a member of a well-known national gym in town for over a year where I used a personal trainer once a week.  We had a set regular routine which we repeated each session and whilst beneficial was fairly static.

When I stopped travelling into Newcastle I looked for something local and found X-PT .

It was impressive from the outset. My weight, Blood Pressure, heart rate, body shape was all measured and recorded (which never happened at the gym) and has been monitored and updated regularly.   Since I started in April the exercise programme has been specifically tailored to my capabilities and needs.   I get pushed but not driven.

Every session is different sometimes inside sometimes outside which makes it interesting and stimulating and I feel I am really benefiting from the personal care and attention that gives into each session.

Since April I have lost 10 kilos and feel fitter. My family tell me that I look slimmer Matt and X-PT have shown me a complete new aspect of what I can expect from a personal trainer I would recommend them to anyone.... Thank you Matt

Angela McDowell-  Hebburn

I found Matt using a website search after getting on the scales one day and realizing I was not a kick in the arse off being 17stone (and at 5ft 2”, that’s not a good look) and something had to change. I came across a few different personal trainers and I knew I needed someone who could work with me at home as I have a little one to look after on my days off work and to be honest I didn’t want to be seen outside exercising (oh how things change!) So after deciding that X-PT looked all right I did what every tech savvy woman does these days and stalked X-PT on Facebook. I saw the relationship he has with his boot campers and conversations they had amongst themselves and I emailed him to set up an appointment.
I was put at ease when we first met and decided to give personal training a go. Matt is always very professional, great with my children when they are around; easy to talk to and obviously has a great passion for what he does.
Matt has been working with me for 6 months now and after the first assessment where he did all the fitness tests, he put together different programs for me to work though. The first actual PT session, which was a million squats (may be an exaggeration) I couldn’t walk or sit down for a few days and just proved to me how unfit I was and that I’d taken the right steps to fitness. I initially worked out with Matt twice a week and no 2 sessions are ever the same and you can see that there is progression factored into everything Matt gives you to do whether it is the reps/weight/sets he asks you to do.
Matt is very focused on making you have the correct form when exercising, which I like as I never feel under pressure to get though the exercises as fast as possible. He also knows when I need to take it up a notch (unfortunately ).
So 6ish months on I’m 2 stone lighter, fitter, stronger, able to keep up with my Kids, jog and really look forward to my sessions with Matt (although I might whinge and yawn occasionally)!

Melanie Kearney- Consett

I've been training with the X –PT team since day one of the outdoor group bootcamp. I can honestly say I have never enjoyed exercising so much! I never have to push myself to attend a class because I thoroughly enjoy doing them!
YES getting fit/losing weight/training can be fun!!
My fitness levels have improved massively and I feel so healthy for it.
The group ethos is amazing everyone is so friendly and supportive, all newbies are made to feel welcome and immediately part of the group. 
I LOVE the outdoor element, it makes it so unique! We train whatever the weather and again I can honestly say the unpredictable weather actually makes it more fun. I will never go back to indoors training now!
If your concerned about the outdoors element, honestly give it a go you'll be surprised!
Matt is a fabulous trainer, his knowledge and expertise make the classes varied and exciting to do, with new techniques and a wide range of equipment to keep it us interested!

I have so much fun training with

Karen Fletcher- Lanchester

I have used personal trainers before but since working with X-PT find that I am more motivated and fitter as well as being  toned, stronger and having more energy. I also have a better technique as Matt knows more about the human body than most trainers and has a gift of being able to encourage and correct at the same time. As someone with a low boredom threshold the constant variety and flexibility of warm ups, workouts and stretches is refreshing and each session is clearly well thought out and planned specifically for me and my goals. It's not easy but I don't get bored and I don't feel drained at the end of a session like I have done before with some trainers.
Personal training with the emphasis on personal.

Jean Thomson- Consett

X-PT is fantastic it's changed my life!

Marianne Connelly- Consett

I love this bootcamp!☺
I highly recommend it to everyone, if I can do it then so can you!! You train with lovely ladies of all ages, sizes and abilities and everyone is sooo encouraging and nice, it really motivates you. Matt makes the sessions fun and each one is unique. I always feel great after each session. I'm sure with his help and guidance and encouragement from the girls I'll get to be a fitter, healthier better me!!! Thanks X-PT

Jayne Poole- Templetown

I have been going to X-PT Bootcamp since February, I go 4 times a week and enjoy every minute of it, it's safe to say I have never felt this fit! I find all the sessions fun and unique, there are many reasons why I like X-PT, the advice, everyone that comes to Bootcamp are friendly and supportive and I can honestly say I have made some great friends. My passion for running and fitness have been boosted with X-PT. I can see a huge difference in my weight and body shape which has helped with my self-confidence massively, I am actually looking forward to my holidays in August and wearing a bathing suit that I once dreaded. I would like to thank Matt and Sue and my guys and girls for all of your support.

Susan Toole- Consett

I have been going to X-PT Bootcamp since May of this year .Here I am 1stone 2lbs lighter and the Fittest I have been in years .Matt is a professional and knowledgeable guy who keeps all classes different and interesting which makes it more enjoyable. It is hard work but worth it .I have also made great new friends who have helped and supported me all the way Thanks to X-PT and hard work I feel great.xx
Alyson Glendinning- Consett
X-PT is the best way to improve fitness and lose weight. I love going because it is a fantastic, friendly group of people and everyone encourages each other to do their best. I have enjoyed all the sessions as they are all so different and fun to do.

Joanne Hepplewhite- Consett

I joined X-PT at the start of January after being recommended by friends. After not doing any exercise for over 2 years I felt really anxious, but straight away was made to feel part of the team. I now go 3-4 times a week! Already I can feel a big change in my fitness and general well being. Matty is great at getting the very best from myself and the group as he is very motivated and enthusiastic! I'm sure I will reach my goal feeling amazing in my wedding dress come October!

Lisa Tindle- Consett 02/01/2014

I started training with X-PT Boot camp in September 2013, my aim was to fit into a dress in time for my brother in laws wedding in October 2013. I started the 28 day fat burner course and the results were amazing. I lost a total of 7 inches from my whole body. I continue to train with X-PT because they get results and I am still losing inches. When I started X-PT I couldn’t run for five minutes now I can run 5K, I feel more awake, healthier and all round fitter. I would definitely recommend X-PT Boot camp to anyone.

Janette Davison- Templetown Consett 19/02/2014

I started bootcamp in January as my fitness level was next to none. I had been given a chance to run in the great north run. So I knew I had to do something about it. I did not have the stamina or will power to train on my own. So I thought I would give X-PT a try. I go on a Monday and a Wednesday night and at first I couldn't even run around a football pitch. I have only been going for about 7weeks now and I can see my fitness improving all the time.
I was made welcome on my first day and i never questioned whether I wanted to go back. I look forward to every session with some lovely people.

Susan Plews- Consett

I was tired of trying the same methods to lose weight and tone up with little evidence of results, often losing a few pounds then putting it back on. X-PT's knowledge, expertise and support have enabled me to lose 23lbs and keep it off. I have a better understanding of what clean eating is and now enjoy a healthy, balanced diet out with having to calorie count. I have more tone and definition and overall feel much healthier and happier in myself. If you want to see and feel the difference in your health I would fully recommend Matt @X-PT as the trainer for you

Emma Bell- Shotley Bridge

I lack in motivation for any exercise.....
I have never enjoyed getting fit, however I am actually enjoying these classes. Every session is different so you don't get bored with the same old stuff. It's new and rather exciting. It's fun, motivating and everyone is fab. Although we work very hard we do have a laugh ~ which makes it a whole lot easier!
Looking forward to seeing the results..... Lets shred some lbs ladies.
Matt is great and offers advise/support to everyone on an individual level. Offering dietary needs to suit you.
To sum it up its good crack....

Elizabeth Kelly- Consett

I was a gym member for years and was getting sick of the same stuff every day, I am now getting toned quicker and fitting in to smaller clothes. Matty Underwood is a brilliant trainer who gives u positive push and makes u feel confident in yourself. Thank you Matt